Pure Land

Cai Qing

Marzo, 2022

Pure Land
Taiwan Performance Art festival
Dec 3 - 6. 2021

Curator: Cai Qing, Bel Ling
Theoretical support: Fang Weida

Invited artists: Yeh Tzu-ChiWatan WumaTing LipingLiu Yinsheng,Yu Chung-I
Lin ZhemingChi-Ming TSENG,  Chen Siao-Chi, Jason Lee,Chen Yi JuChen Jun YuHsu Yi TingChen Kuan-YingLee MinjuChen I RuHuang Wei 

Specially invited international artists: Aye KoAlexandra HolowniaAnil Subba
Pramila LamaRashik RajAnurak TanyapalitDimple-B-Shah
Zheyra Sofía Vera Castillo Miray ShinanEva Tan  


 "Purel Land"—Taiwan live art 2021


 After two weeks of hotel quarantine and a full week of self-quarantine at home, I went to Tai Bei on Nov 26, 2021.


Dec.3 2021, from13pm to17pm, "Straightforward" Performance Art Forum held at the Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University. Our performance art forum was very successful.

performance art international video exhibition evening show opening from 19:30pm to 21:30pm at the acid house.


Dec 4. 2021. The first day of the "Pure Land" live art -Fuheqiao Flea Market


 I walked across Fuhe Bridge from Treasure Rock, which is equivalent to walking from Taipei City to the boundaries of New Taipei City, and under the bridge is the lively flea market on weekends. At this time, I have seen our team also enter the market. I found the cameraman Tan Jia. I told him where I will be to perform. I was at the entrance, and it must be no doubt will make the first show at the opening.  I started to implement the work "At the Same Time", I first made a circle with a "three-finger" coffee cup, and placed it between the shadow and a beam of sunlight, like a disc of time.  The wind shook the cups, and when they swayed in unison, it was like a concerted rhythm by protesters!  After a while, put the cup upside down to be more stable and start the performance art.  I sat in the circle and started to draw a three-finger on the cup. This is a project that has been continued from April to support the Burmese people in the fight against military violence!  The Burmese people are still continuing this movement.  I cut out countless footprints in a "Time Magazine" that discusses the human living environment, and put the footprints under each cup, symbolizing the connection with the reality of the continuous renovation and change of international current affairs.  Then distribute the "footprints" to the audience to let them know what is coming from the moment.  I soaked the "footprints" together with my feet in the water basin. When the five-finger socks were full of water, I walked out, walked in a retrograde circle in the direction of the clock, then walked out diagonally to the distance, and circled inwards clockwise.  The circle turns to the center.  Finally set the center of the circle, thinking for a long time-ending the action.

 Then Ting Liping launched her fight with her body against the ground on my neighborhood area, rushing, drawing with her body on the ground by borrowing water along the square water path,  questioning the audience in Taiwanese if they were human.

She crawled to the yellow raincoat and wrapped up the flower plant on the muddy ground. A big plastic bag full of water on her head, absurdly unable to water the flowers, then she simply fell to the ground and let the water splash all over the dirty water previous painting, action ended.
The water is still flowing, and there is also a footprint of news. This work is Ting Liping's Poetry Action Series: UUU/Fool Yuyu O.N.Y "Fool 1 (MAD U1-MadUniversum)) / Fuhe Bridge Square / Who said that there is no one, are you not a human currently? (In Taiwanese questioning the audience) ".


On the way to the market, we saw a pair of young people performing together, Li Minru and Liu Xiaoqi's performance art "Interval Variation 2.0". There was a flexible rope between the two, sometimes stalemate, sometimes pulling, so true and accurate to show the relationship between two people in life, or to fully show the joys, sorrows and joys between men and women in the world.  They shouted "love" from time to time, a love that was sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes struggling, sometimes impatient, and sometimes desperate.  Their works are so concise and rich, minimalist, but their ups and downs are touching.


 Through "love" we walked through the passage of the market, really entered the bustling crowd, and once lost the venue of Yeh Tzu-Chi's performance, it took some time to find it.  Tzu-Chi stood in front of a garbage waste, next to a stall, and the business owner came out to drive people away. We stood still and started watching Yeh Tzu-Chi's "Garbage".  She quietly tied pieces of various colorful reverse-packed wastes to her body, and asked everyone to put more rubbish on her, and finally she wrapped her head with newspaper.  She showed it twice with five gestures, including three-finger gestures.  Maybe it's about the three-finger movement in Myanmar and the last one-Fuck of!  Against the background of the misty blue sky and mountains of rubbish, she showed her exposure to social problems and accusations of worsening the environment.


Then, according to the program plan, Tan Jia led everyone to the other end of the market to watch Chen Guanying's Live MOUVE Art Exhibition. He set up a booth at the corner of the market facing the street and said that he was holding an art exhibition.  His head was against the blazing sun.  He was waiting for everyone to arrive at his desk as he was preparing to give a lecture. It reminded me of the same figure he had when he gave a report the day before. This artist who is doing his Ph.D. is full of pedagogy even in his work.  Then he shouted loudly, completely different, as adding a lot of challenges.  He responded (satisfied) the independent painting exhibition of MOUVE Art Group against the official exhibition in 1938 in the form of "speech actions", and at the same time invited the audience to join this exhibition to revitalize the history of art. 


In the crowds of people in the market, we saw Bei Ling held a large billboard with a portrait of Liu Xiaobo on it. He also held two enlarged Nobel Laureates's portraits in his hand. Bei Ling is implementing the "Three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Asia: Liu Xiaobo, Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, and Marara", market interaction. Bei Ling kept explaining the experiences of these people to people, or asking people if they knew who these two female characters were.  Today he started walking in the crowd and interacting with people earlier.  An ordinary woman stood in front of a billboard and told the audience aloud what she knew about Liu Xiaobo's story. She was irritated and the waves were endless, telling the ruling and atrocities of the dark regime…

 The performance of another artist, Chen Junyu, also happened at random, or was carried out in several places.  His work "D-O-G-S" was first implemented under the Fuhe Bridge, and later followed to Treasure Rock and Wulai Old Street.


The second location of the "Pure Land" Live art -Treasure Rock


At two o'clock, we started with Liping's trail action.  Liping walked in front, and our brigade then walked into the trail through the "import" one by one.  There is a platform in the middle of the trail, stopping in a shaped field with three benches connected together.  Liping implemented her work on the hiking trail: "Fool 2 (MAD U2) Treasure Rock Settlement / Treasure Hunting Trail, which is quite content; although the real today is totally different, this hidden real trail always keeps quiet in the midst of chaos and invite us to listen freely.

Treasure Hunting Trail, which is quite content; although the real today is totally different, this hidden real trail always keeps quiet in the midst of chaos and invite us to listen freely.
In the opening remarks, she explained that the work needs everyone's help. She asked the audience for help, each person holds a piece of paper with different writings words (Fools Birds Fishs Animaux Upersones etc), sits with eyes closed along the stool...  Magic, I heard a slight sound in my ear, and then she took out a few papers with words on it, rubbed it, and tremble, and finally wrapped her head with a vague sound…

On the walk back, we saw Chen Junyu operating several mobile electronic devices beside the entrance of Treasure Rock. The author gave the work an abstract name " D-O-G-S". In fact, he explained the meaning of Pure Land in another way. 

Standing in the center circle of the basketball court is Li Minru wearing a thin light-colored dress. She uses the elastic rope alone this time. It is written with the words "Being born without a place to live". She is implementing the work "Flexibility game".  She interacted with the audience present, from one person passing by, then looking for another person, wrestling with both ends, continuously pulling, running and falling.  She completely disregarded her body and devoted herself to it. People could feel her powerful energy in her calm and serious expression.

 After watching Minru's wonderful performance, Geng Jia took us down the stone steps and crossed a bridge to the lawn on the other side of the river.  At this time, low and melodious music came from between the branches, and the dancer Huang Wei was performing "Lift my foot, lift my leg".  The work takes place in the grass, she moves slowly, like a snake like a crane, and her body twists and mutates.  The work of this pure dancer is unique and adds a different interest to the festival.

 At the same time on the turf near the stream, Chen Guanying began to implement the work "Taking a Breath".  He asked everyone to blow in a plastic bag, and wrote the name of the participant and the number of blows on the bag filled with air.  The audience responded enthusiastically, and then he put the airbag in the river, and he walked downstream and stood waiting.  Unexpectedly, there is an undercurrent of the drainage channel under the water, which makes the water flow chaotically. Instead of going downstream, the airbags move upward instead of down. He re-adjusted and returned to the upper end to swim to catch the airbags. Every time he caught an airbag, he reported the name and the number of blows, and then inhaled the air into his mouth until he finished inhaling one by one.  He express an attempt to respond to the sense of distance and predicament between people under the impact of the global epidemic.  This work was suspected of danger later in a discussion meeting by Yeh Tzu-Chi.


Then people walked to the old houses piled up like a cliff on Treasure Rock. There are a few benches and a lawn that slopes downward. Chen Xiaoqi's "Get High" is here accompanied by the vigorous music tied to his left leg.  In action, he used a world map repeatedly followed by a small house model that was constantly thrown into the sky, questioning the rising consumption of current life.  In the process, the sound stopped abruptly. He found that he could not cultivate good, so he fell to the ground with force and walked straight to the distance of the grass with the model. crossing the highway, walking straight to the opposite construction site, walking to the other end of the pile of sand, disappeared from our sight.  Many people followed up and watched curiously. The ending of this performance was unique. It not only expanded the performance space, but also produced a more profound artistic conception.

 When people watched the story of disappearing to the end, a bright and colorful figure appeared on the grass.  An artist Yu Zhongyi's "Face Mask Clothing", which is covered by hundreds of masks of various colors, appeared in front of people alive.  Writing signatures on her body, many people took photos with her, and then someone pulled on the strap of the mask, crackling, and finally she fell to the grass perfectly, she took off her mask and smiled happily.

 The last performer is Xu Yiting's "Picnic".  She directly connected an electric wire to an old wall, connecting several lawns pulled along a long line to one end, where she set up an electric stove, boiled water in the pot, and put two eggs in it.  She was sitting in jeopardy, waiting for the hot water to boil the eggs.  At this time, the manager of the art camp came angrily. He blamed her for being able to connect to the public power supply without request. He unplugged the electric plug and was about to disconnect the main switch. Obviously, there was an expectation there to boiled eggs encountered a problem.  The artist is still sitting in distress, as if she still doesn't know what's happening here.  Bei Ling urged this old acquaintance to relax, and then Tan jia secretly connected the electric plug again, and signaled to Bei Ling to take some time. I was afraid that the manager would find that someone despised his authority, this will make him even more angry, so Tan Jia and I are standing in the middle of the grassstand to cover up the steam that is emitted when the water is hot.  When the eggs were cooked, she gave the two eggs to the two art festival hosts. 


Dec 5. 2021, The third venue live art -Wulai Old Street • Range Rover Bridge


 I was the first performer in list. I walked into the streets of the ancient town with "Pray for Wulai Old Street" started the day of performance art.  Starting at 9 o'clock in the morning, wearing only swimming trunks and holding a swimming cap like a heart in both hands, I walked slowly towards Wulai Old Street.  The street is sparsely populated, a bit like a street under the epidemic. When I was walking, I encountered a man walking on the street holding a publicity sign. He was reminding people to wear a mask. He found out me that he was digging in his pocket to mobile phone, I walked forward and pulled him into the plot. He was also very cooperative and stood side by side with me, allowing anyone to take pictures.  I told him we all thank his hard work for the safety of the people.  I went on to the other side of the street and raised my hands in front of the background with "Range Rover Bridge" written on it, praying for the Pure Land.


 The second performance venue is the "Public Parent-Child Center" in the town, where the artist Chen Yiru implemented the work "Children".  She first spread colorful flower towels on the ground, and she really picked up a sentence from the local people who asked people to write about children on it. Some people wrote that Children you shouldn't have come into this world. Some people wrote that children are innocent.  After reading the written colorful scarf aloud, hung it on a hanger, and finally she tied everything together on her body, like a peculiar fashion.  She walked on the old street holding the megaphone, passing through the crowd, shouting "children", and walked to the Range Rover Bridge. She installed the colorful clothes on the bridge. In the beautiful landscape, the wind blew through it. Shaking slightly.

 We turned back to the middle section of the old street again. In front of a closed shop, we saw a homeless man sitting on the side of the road with her head covered with a coarse cloth bag. We could not see the face of the person, maybe the people inside can see outside.  This is Yeh Tzu-Chi's implementation of her new work "Welcome to Read Performance Art".  Several yellow paper boxes were superimposed on each other with the words "Performance Art Welcome", and a square box in front of her knee was filled with performance art catallog or performance art documenta.  When the artist arrived, some people in the small circle read it obsessively. some audience were introduced to join later. There are some people watched for a while and were holding a book to take away. The artist nearby explained that they could only read it and not take it away. Soon the owner came to open the door, meaning he was here to do business. Seeing this situation, I immediately said to the owner a few good words, "It's auspicious, congratulations, there is an artist performing in front of your store."  The boss glanced at the artist, and got busy for now.  Iater according to the artist said, soon after our team left, the wife of boss began to push artist away.


 When Tzu-Chi insisted on her long-term action, we moved to the Range Rover Bridge again, followed by Yu Zhongyi's performance.  She took a big black stone that she had gotten from anywhere, first picked off the scattered fragments with her fingers, and placed them around. The thick and transparent bridge glass created the impression of ink landscape.  After a while, she smashed the rock hard and shook the bridge.  She didn't notice that the violent collision was the thick glass, which made people worry that she would break it. Some people reminded her not to destroy the country's property. Only then did she notice this. The artist was so focused to achieve selflessness.  After that, she began to glue the damaged stone (landscape) to highlight the concept of the work, which shows the artist's good intentions.

Chen Junyu's sequel " D-O-G-S" took place in different venues. This time on the bridge, there was a little girl who had been playing with the walking machine with her. I wonder if this girl is a passing audience or is a daughter of relative. 

 Finally, the scene of the filming process took place on the road in the old street. Director Liu Yaojun was directing the artist Chen Guanying and the team to rehearse the scene on the sidewalk, which aroused the interest of passers-by.  Someone stopped to look at it. People were obviously curious about making a movie. Finally, the director and the actors screamed and rushed to the other side of the iron bridge.  It turns out that this is a photographer's tentative creation of performance art, and the title of the work is "Action".

 I told the host first that when there are enough people, I will walk through the old street again.  In the afternoon, there are more people traveling, and the streets become lively.  Seeing every artist have finished their works, I started to walk around the old street again, and at the same time, I brought people from one side back to the other side of the old street assembly.  From time to time, I raised the fist-clenched hand that had been holding on to the red swimming cap, and sometimes beat this hand to my chest. I walked this way with the sound of heartbeat.  In between I met a dog lying lazily on the ground, I went to tease it, gestured at it with red fists, until it was provoked, and angrily committed crimes to me, I apologized to it, retired, and continued to go ahead.  At this time, Bei Ling was pushing a mobile bicycle bookstore to follow, and his "Mobile Book Stall-Good Books that China Cannot Publish" is taking this opportunity to show up with me.


The fourth venue of the "Pure Land" live art ——Cultural Platform, Red River Valley


 Up two o'clock in the afternoon, the first performer is Liu Yinsheng. He is pure white, corresponding to the white edge of the platform and the dark green mountain view, producing solemn tones and enhancing his ritualistic performance art characteristics.  The work "Sky/Body Poem LI: Celestial/Body Poem LI pureland, nowhere everywhere".  He held a human skeleton in his hand, and then kicked it like a football.  Along the position of the skeleton, he began to take off his clothes one by one, putting out a human form in the ground. A human being is an empty shell, and the body emerges out of it, showing spirituality. Holding the probe cone, it is facing the pure land of the mountains.  He walked out, leaving only the mysterious remains of the scene to be thought-provoking.

Soon afterwards, still in same place, TING Liping implemented a series of works "Fool 3 (MAD U3) / Unit D / Poems and Poets Read Poems Freely (with two books "Contemporaries-Poetry Anthologies -Homages to Liu Xiabo" and "Wild Grass" of Lu Xun, Perform on English Version) ".  In memory of poet friend Meng Lang, as action of the evocation of 'Why Poets in Times of Turmoil' for all poets, who all resist in turmoil; to these souls of Poetry, she dedicated her sound poetry action. 

The audience was also invited to read, one by one, as they wished, the chapters of the selected poems in the book Contemporaries, a tribute to Liu Xiabo.

While she reveals the contemporary insights points in Lu Xun's Wild Grass through her vocalization-poems, her sound poetry, questioning to the nature as to the people in situ; by reading aloud by the contemporaries, uproar an multi-voiced poems, evocating a polyphony of resonance.

Along with the poetic drifting, she held a white figure, sitting on a chair, holding to her arms; she seemed to embrace the poet's body, sadly saying goodbye to him, then sorrowful and violent, revealing her nearly mad expression of resistance to the world.


After TING Liping's deeds of sadness express, Huang Di's dance "Lift my foot, lift my leg" 2 is undoubtedly a rare experience.  Rest in peace and regaining consciousness, and the dance of personality performed on this platform brings us closer.  People can more closely experience the artist's pulse and her sleep-destroying magic.


It's time for Lin Zheming to perform his "Hi". This first part that extends beyond the group action is the reflection of the morning light performed by a team formed by him on the high spine of the Red River Valley Bridge at sunrise in the early morning.  At dawn, the risk of action is very high.  This time "Hi" on the cultural platform can be described as the second performance. When it came to a point, he still added preparations.  It finally started. He set his eyes deep and sat calmly, asking the audience to come up and look at a black box. The mirror inside only saw oneself.  Then he pushed out a round giant covered with black cloth, very heavy, and slowly opened, it was a mirror with two crease scars on one side.  Facing the quiet mountains, he showed his hands and cared, as if touching the skirt corners of the mountains, and then raised his hands, letting the mirror face the mountains, as if answering a whisper with the mountains, and sending the light from the sky to the dense forests of the mountains.

Next, Bei Ling introduced a Russian poetess Lyubov Cheremisina, which added a precious program on the spot.  She brought to us the poems of three great Russian poets. She generously distributed to everyone the printed introduction materials of the poets, and then read their poems one by one to everyone. We heard a beautiful poem's rhythm.  These three poets have different legendary destinies. Among them, the only male poet Joseph Brodsky was kicked out of the homeland by the country in his 30s, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in the United States in his 40s, and died of cancer in his 50s. 


Due to the addition of programs, the Red River Valley program has been a little delay.  This bridge is a temporarily closed with no vehicles passing through. It has become a paradise for performance art.

The artist Li Jiasheng from Singapore performed the work "Island-Life 5.0: Intangible Home", He wrote "home" one by one on countless pieces of white paper, he connected them together, put down the bridge, the wind blows, floats to the river under the bridge, and then drags it up and rubs it on his face. Again corresponding to blowing the whistle and shaking the hand bell at the beginning of the work.  His homesickness is deeply expressed in his works.  The poetic homesick "home" also happens to make use of the existing field, hanging in series, the wind is swaying, and the mood is moved...

 TING Liping asked two volunteers to stop at one end of the bridge and pulled a flexible rope to help her implement the work "Fool 4 (MAD U4) / Unit E / Red River Valley Bridge / Fun (5 minutes to play with the earth)".  Holding a small earth model in her hand, she exerted force from the middle of the rope to both sides from time to time, pulling and breaking free, free to wander, free to play.

 Li Minru & Chen Xiaoqi once again collaborated on Interval Variation 3.0. They face each other and gradually distanced themselves. With the cry of "love", they each walked to the end of the bridge and screamed loudly, just like a lover's parting.  The yearning, then with the passage of time, the estrangement and separation of people from one another.  The two came to face each other in the numbness of life, they passing by but like strangers.  But as time passed, they realized the preciousness of life and the hard to find true love, and they walked toward each other relative to each other, as if they understood the true meaning of love, they hugged each other tightly.  The whole performance wins more with less, runs through it in one go, and the scene of winning is real and moving, as if showing an epic of human "love" for all of us, it is amazing!

 Then someone told that there was a scene under the bridge. We all looked down and saw a panoramic scene unfolding in the river. Some people were struggling in the water.  Others threw rocks and circled water into the water on the shore.  Throwing stones is very dangerous, and a few times the stones fall on the side of people in the water.  This is a group creation, making full use of the natural environment of the scene to stage a combined drama.  "Flotation", a collaboration between Chen Junyu, Liu Yaojun, Chen Wei and Chen Guanying, has activities under the bridge, in the water and on the shore.

 When all the artists' live art works were implemented, the night fell.  The experienced and senior artist Liping suggested that everyone join together to be a collective free action, as the ending collective action-"Red River Valley Night Curtain".  Artists are invited to participate voluntarily. 18 bridge pillars are used as a foothold for each artist, and then gradually develop and enter the process of cooperating and evolving with the crowd in the bridge.  Art can be used freely, and human spirit can be fly.  Almost all the artists and audience present were involved, the scene was booming, the atmosphere was warm and moving, and the unforgettable happy end! …


Dec 6. 2021, "Pure Land" closing seminar


 The day after the completion live art, the last link of the "Pure Land" Art Festival was to arrange a relaxed "work discussion" for artists after event. Everyone agreed to pass the artists freely and voluntarily way to participate. In the end, we completed this item in the form of a network zoom meet from 8-10 pm on the 6th Dec.


The "Pure Land" Performance Art Festival was successfully realized after Taiwan successfully defeated the epidemic for the second time. This is a moving innovation for most parts of the world when the epidemic is still severely catastrophic. At the same time, the artist expresses his firm belief in the will of mankind in the face of reality!

It will certainly give people a great encouragement to overcome the epidemic!  In the next year after the ups and downs of the epidemic in 2021, at the Tokyo Olympics, we were inspired by the achievements of Taiwan's sports heroes, and from the middle of this year, the avant-garde performance art of contemporary art has experienced many setbacks and delays.  Under the circumstances, we did not give up, and finally implemented the "Pure Land"-Performance Art Festival in Taiwan at the end of the year. Many young Taiwanese performance artists created amazing works. At the same time, we cooperated with international artists to use the Internet to complete the new model of the live art festival after the epidemic that went hand in hand with the Internet, and once again won the glory of Taiwan in the art world! With this, we welcome the arrival of 2022, and let us congratulate the pure land of Taiwan!  Cheers to the freedom and beauty of mankind!


Cai Qing.  Jan 10. 2022. in Singapor



01 "Pure Land" advertising design by Yu En Lin
02 Cai Qing's "At the Same Time".  Photo by Geng Jia
03 Li Minyi and Liu Xiaoyi's Interval Variation 2.0. Photo by Cai Qing
04 Yeh Tzu-Chi's "Garbage".  Photo by Lai Pei Juan
05 Chen Guanying's Live MOUVE Art Exhibition. Photoby Cai Qing
06 Bei Ling's "Three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Asia". Photo by Cai Qing
07 Chen Xiaoqi's "Get High". Photoby Cai Qing
08 Li Minru's "Flexibility game". Photoby Lai Pei Juan
09 Chen Yiru's "Children". Photo by Cai Qing
10 Cai Qing's "Pray for Wulai Old Street". Photo by Lai Pei Juan
11 Liu Yinsheng's "Sky/Body Poem LI: Celestial/Body Poem LI pureland, nowhere everywhere". Photo by Cai Qing
12 TING Liping's "Fool 3 (MAD U3) / Unit D / Poems and Poets Read Poems Freely. Photo by Cai Qing
13 Bei Ling introduced a Russian poetess Lyubov Cheremisina. Photo by Cai Qing
14 Li Jiasheng's "Island-Life 5.0: Intangible Home". Photo by Cai Qing
15 Chen Junyu, Liu Yaojun, Chen Wei and Chen Guanying's "Flotation".  Photo by Cai Qing
16 Group action "Red River Valley Night Curtain". Photo by Cai Qing

About The Artist

Cai Qing, PhD, born in China and currently a German citizen, is an artist, curator and art critic who is active in the field of contemporary art and performance art. He is also involved in education at fine-art academies, leading workshops and teaching courses in contemporary art.Cai has also curated many art projects and exhibitions, including an underground art exhibition called "Trace of Existence," which he initiated and curated in 1998 in Beijing, collaborating with Feng Boyi. Another ongoing global project, "Live Art Tour" happens a few times annually in different locations around the world. Cai led several more exhibitions including: a performance art show called "Construction Before Deconstruction" at Zhengzhou Shifo village in 2008, "Parabiosis," a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition at Chongqing Yangzi River Art Museum in 2016, and "China Action1998-2018" at Inter Art Center and Le Lieu Art Center in Quebec in 2018.Cai travels around the world and participates in performance art festivals: "PAN Asia" - Performance Art Network ASIA, Seoul, South Korea.  EPAF11Europejski Festiwal Sztuki Performance, Poland.  "Interakcje festival Trybunalski " in Bielska, Poland.  "My Earth Staglinec" in Croatia. IMAF2013 (International Multimedial Art Festival) Serbia. Performancear o Morir - Mexican International Performance art Festival,
Chihuahua, Mexico. UTOPIA International Performance Art Meeting, Mexico City, 2017. Renegades in Resistance and Challenge - 50 year history of Performance Art of Korea: 1967 - 2017, Daegu Art Museum, Korea. American Live Art, Queen's Museum of Art, New York.Along with his artistic practice, he has written and published many books and articles on art criticism and art history, including "Performance Art and Spiritual Therapy," which was the first publication on this subject in China, published by Beijing World Book Publishing Cooperation in 2012. Cai also wrote "Diary of Live Art," 2013 by Beijing World Book Publishing Cooperation, and "Experimental Art Practice - Action Overseas," 2017 by China Today Art Museum Publishing House.

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